A Beggar Came Up To SRK Asking For Food And His Reaction Is Why We Call Him King Khan!

Shah Rukh Khan is so many things at the same time; an actor par excellence, a producer, a silver jubilee superstar and the list goes on. But my favourite of all is his larger-than-life persona that makes him what he is today, ‘King Khan’. A king with an open arm and old world charm, who is too humble for a face like that.

While most B-towners never move an inch without carrying their vanity around, SRK brings his large-heartedness on to the table every time. And if you’re already convinced wait till you hear what he did.

Recently, SRK met director Aanand L Rai to talk business at a restaurant in the suburbs of Mumbai when a beggar came on to him, asking for food.

The man kept telling SRK how he waited for him to come out so that he could meet him.

And standing tall to our expectations, Shah Rukh not only greeted him properly but placed his hand on his head as a kind gesture. According to DNA, SRK’s bodyguard even arranged food for the needy.


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