Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s tours by helicopters and charter flights-COST RS 30.81 CR IN 5 YRS

Bhubaneswar : The State Government has spent over Rs 30.81 crore on Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s tours by helicopters and charter flights to various places in and outside the State during the last five years.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Bikram Keshari Arukh informed this in the State Assembly in response to a question of BJP MLA Dilip Ray on Tuesday.

According to the information, the Chief Minister toured to New Delhi for 30 times and London once between March 2012 and July 18, 2016. A total of Rs 19,74,359 was borne by State coffers for these tours. while Rs 6,55,283 was spent on the CM’s air trips in 2012-13, Rs 2,86,546 spent in 2013-14, Rs 2,98,410 in 2014-15, Rs 4,45,152 in 2015-16 and Rs 2,88,968 in 2016-17.

Similarly, the Chief Minister made 215 air tours during May 10, 2012 and December 24, 2016 which include five tours by charter flights, 16 by aircrafts and the rest by hired helicopters. While a total of Rs 336.51 lakh was spent towards aircraft and charter flight tours, Rs 27, 25, 17, 148 spent towards helicopter hire. Other Minister had too toured with the Chief Ministers in helicopters, according to the information.

All these spending totalled at Rs 30,81,42,507.

Similarly, Rs 12,88, 841 was spent during the period on his tours by two cars provided Home and Water Resources Departments in the capital city as well outside the State.

While Rs 95,865 was spent in 2012 from the State exchequer on account of the CM’s tours by the Home Department car, Rs 1,38,099 in 2013, Rs 94,775 in 2014, Rs 81,274 in 2015 and Rs 88,176 was spent in 2016. Similarly, on his tours by the Water Resources Department car, Rs 1,93,900 was expended in 2012, Rs 1,75,000 in 2013, Rs 1,21,450 in 2014, Rs 1,52,180 in 2015 and Rs 1,48,120 in 2016.


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