This barber has just bought a Rs 3.2-crore Merc, owns 150 cars

Bengaluru: He shaves and saves. Saves to buy beauties that richie rich have and you dream of. He owns a fleet of cars that includes Rolls Royce, Mercs, BMWs, Audis and Jaguars. He has a total of 150 luxury cars.

Well, we are talking about barber Ramesh Babu, who gives haircuts for Rs 75. his latest acquisition is Mercedes-Maybach costing Rs 3.2 crore. His is the third Maybach in the city, the other two belong to Vijay mallya and a builder.

He collects these beauties and then rents them out. He has a Rolls Royce, 11 Mercedes, 10 BMWs, 3 Audis, and 2 Jaguars.
Now he owns Ramesh Tours and Travels. However, still he spends 5 hours at his favourite salon. He still gives haircuts to his regular customers, the idea is remain connected to his roots. It’s a different matter that you may see him driving a Rollys Royce Ghost to work at his salon.


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