BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha slams author Chetan Bhagat for comparing Advani with Rahul Gandhi

BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha has slammed author Chetan Bhagat for comparing Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi with veteran leader of his party LK Advani.

Sinha also hit out at the BJP top brass for ignoring Advani and him, especially in UP elections.


Sinha had tweeted, “I am a little disappointed in our intellectual friend Chetan Bhagat who sounded like a ‘Sarkari and Darbari’ on national channels yesterday while hitting out at our friend and senior national leader Rahul Gandhi (saying that he is not result-oriented and should be replaced. I feel he made a faux pas or shall I say an unwarranted comparison with our highly respected, able and acceptable leader, our friend, philosopher and guide Honorable Mr. L.K.Advani – suggesting that he was ‘removed’ because he did not work enough to bring desired results.”

“I beg your pardon Chetan! Was he really removed because he did not work enough, or was he not allowed to work any further and eased out of the scene because some of our people, out of their fears, complexes, insecurities or maybe vested interests did not want him on the scene. Doesn’t everyone know that? Today, he or even people like me are not seen anywhere in any campaign”, he said.

Sinha added, “This is not because we are not tried, tested and effective, but because of what you may call in-house politics. We believe in discipline of the party. We do not create a scene. We are not invited and well, today not even interested at the fag end of the campaign despite being party loyalists.”

“We hope, wish and pray that we get the desired results and our people and party get more seats than expected. I am an Advani loyalist. Whatever I am in the party is mainly because of him. The growth and prosperity of the party from 2 seats to where it reached, if not wholly and solely, has been mostly because of Mr. Advani’s contribution and leadership. Please don’t hurt me or millions of supporters of Mr. Advani. We have tremendous faith in him. Long live Advaniji and the party”, the BJP leader went on to say.


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