Game of credit claiming? Before Fadnavis met PM, Sena sent midnight letter listing pending projects

Both Sena and BJP look to claim credit.

While Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis visited New Delhi to seek approval for pending coastal road and other projects, Shiv Sena tried to claim the credit for the same with Mumbai Mayor Snehal Ambekar sending a letter to Chief Minister only on the eleventh hour.

When Shiv Sena leaders came to know about Chief Minister’s Delhi visit and his appointment with Prime Minister, the letter was drafted and sent to Chief Minister via mail. Interestingly, the letter which was received Chief Minister’s office with acknowledgement only on February 28th at 11.55 am was mentioned as news item published in Saamana, the Sena mouthpiece on front page today.

The letter urged follow up from Union Government about three projects namely coastal road, Gargai-Pinjal dam project and STP projects which need CRZ clearances. Now with Fadnavis announcing that final notification for the coastal road would be made in one month’s time, Sena would stake claim for the project by saying that it was the Mumbai Mayor who had followed up the matter with Chief Minister.


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