Yogi Adityanath pays surprise visit to Hazratganj police station

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today paid a surprise visit to the Hazratganj Police Station here to check general preparedness and said the rule of law will be established in the state.
Yogi, who has kept the Home portfolio with himself, took a round of the premises this morning, catching policemen and officials by surprise. “I have come here to inspect as to how the rule of law is enforced in the state and gauge the morale of the police, and see what effective action can be taken in this regard,” the chief minister told news persons.
“The rule of law will be established in the state and government will not hesitate in taking whatever steps are required for peoples’ welfare,” he said. Yogi also enquired about the working of the police force from the officials present there and inspected the crime branch and cyber cell of the state police. Cautioning that this was not his last inspection but only a beginning, he exuded confidence that an improvement will be seen at all levels.
Without mincing words, the chief minister had yesterday directed officials to maintain punctuality and hygiene. During his visit to the annexe building, where the chief minister’s office is located, he was annoyed to see stains of paan and paan masala all over and directed the staff not to chew tobacco or consume masala while on duty.

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